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Anybody who goes for performance will go for the new Mustang GT Equipment Group. Ten separate items - and what a great performance package it all adds up to!  

Hot 225-hp Challenger Special V-8 (10 to 1 comp. ratio, 4-barrel carb.) 

Fully synchronized 3-speed manual floor shift.

Dual straight-through exhaust system with flared, chrome tail-pipe extensions.

And, in addition you get:

  • Mustang's Special Handling Package* (heavy-duty suspension, 22 to 1 overall steering ratio)
  • Fade-resisting disc brakes
  • A pair of 4-inch fog lamps nstled in the grille

The GT Equipment Group also includes:

  • Five-dial instrument cluster (fuel, temperature, speedometer, oil pressure, amperes) set in a background of black leather-grained vinyl
  • Handsome "GT" fender badges placed just aft of each front wheel cutout
  • Bright-metal hood accent molding
  • And running front to rear along the lower body is the triple stripe that Ford's GT racing car carries in European competition


If you'd like to make some modifications to the basic GT Equipment Group (say move up to the 271-hp Challenger High Performance V-8 and 4-speed stick shift), go right ahead. Or if you'd prefer some additions (like Rally Pac, red band or white sidewall tires, racing mirrors, styled steel wheels), be our guest. These are separate Mustang options - and there are many more besides - which will fit perfectly with the GT Equipment Group.

See what kind of a GT Mustang you can dream up for your choice of the Mustang Hardtop, Convertible or Fastback 2+2!